Thomas Riggs
Thomas Riggs
Book Development Web Content Publishing

Producing books with our publishing partners

A book developer is much like an editorial department. At Thomas Riggs & Company, we develop the idea, outline, and approach of books; establish the editorial process; and hire editors and writers. We specialize in academic and reference books, especially in literature and the humanities.

Creating publications for the Internet

We create publishing products, especially on literary topics, that exist only on the Internet. Some of our books are also available on a fee-based online service. We focus on multimedia products and platforms that bring new opportunities for expression, interaction, and learning.

Publishing Books under the TRC Imprint

Publishing books under the TRC imprint is one of our long-term goals, as is creating TRC Web products and services. Although, as a business, TRC views these projects as commercial ventures, they are also intended to be publishing laboratories, or projects of innovation.

Award for the Literature of Propaganda
American Library Association's RUSA Award.
Recent Books by TRC
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