Thomas Riggs


What We Do

Contemporary Dramatists bookcover

Publishing books under the TRC imprint is an ongoing project, as is creating TRC Web products and services. Although as a business TRC views these projects as commercial ventures, they are also intended to be publishing experiments. We intend to learn new approaches to publishing and to use them in projects with our partners.

We are planning a series of French books translated into English. Other U.S. publishers serve the market for translations of French literary texts, and we admire what they do. Our interest is somewhat different. We see novels and mysteries, travel books and memoirs, musings on food and meanderings in verse, but especially works that intrigue, entertain, enlighten, and bewilder—books that lie in the intersection between the popular and the literary. We embrace the commerce of culture, the commerce of art.

Image: La Tête Carrêe ("The Square Head"), part of the public library in Nice, France.