Thomas Riggs


St. James Encyclopedia of Popular Culture

St. James Press, Second Edition, 2013
Award: Booklist Editors' Choice, 2013

From the Editor's Note

The St. James Encyclopedia of Popular Culture is an extensive reference source on popular culture in the United States, covering film, television, music, radio, theatre, dance, comedy, art, books, magazines, sports, social life, and other subject areas. Originally published in 2000, the encyclopedia, now in its second edition, includes more than 2,700 updated entries and more than 300 new entries. Each entry describes a topic in popular cultural and, when appropriate, its relevance to the broader American culture. The entry on MTV, for example, discusses the channel's rise to popularity and the relationship between MTV, youth culture, and consumerism. The entry on John Ford, outlining the film director’s long career, also discusses the influence Ford's films have had on Western movies and on Americans’ perceptions of the West.

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