Thomas Riggs


Literature of War

St. James Press, First Edition, 2012
Awards: American Library Association’s 2013 RUSA Award (Outstanding Reference Sources); Booklist Editors' Choice: Reference Sources, 2012


“Most reference sources dealing with war literature focus on one conflict or one nation's experiences. This three-volume set, however, is not limited in such a way, and it sets out to cover the historical, cultural, and social context of a variety of literary works over time dealing with the subject of war. Thematically arranged, the set looks at texts that treat the distinct effects of war on everyone involved---combatants, civilians, doctors, nurses, and children. It also examines how writing about war transposes the experience and calls into question any claims of realism in war literature . . .

This is a physically beautiful set—printed in color on thick paper. Attractive paintings adorn the cover of each volume. More important, the content within it is valuable and comprises one of the more unique and specialized reference sources available today. Recommended for all types of libraries.”

Booklist, 2012

“Speeches, plays, poetry, novels, and more, inspired by conflicts from the Peloponnesian War to the Rwandan genocide and in countries from Algeria to Zimbabwe are given thoughtful and balanced treatment in these critical reviews. Each volume covers a selection of subtopics under the broader headings of "Approaches," "Experiences," and "Impacts." The essays, which are approximately four pages long each, include a sidebar on a particular topic connected to the work discussed. Women's voices share in the work of telling the full story of war, while both black-and-white and color photographs and illustrations add to the tone and gravity of the subject matter.”

Library Journal, 2012

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