Thomas Riggs


Everyday Finance: Economics, Personal Money Management, and Entrepreneurship

Gale, First Edition, 2008


“Economic literacy is essential in today’s world. In this introduction to the world of money, contributors try to show how even such unfamiliar terms as elasticity of demand or revolving credit are based on easy-to-understand ideas and how economics is deeply related to our everyday lives, decisions, and concerns.

Students, faculty, and researchers in academic settings will find this outstanding set incredibly useful. Public libraries will want to consider it for their collections as well.”

Booklist, 2008

“This two-volume encyclopedic reference work makes the complex subject of economics easy for lay readers to understand, organizing more than 300 articles on practical economic topics. It is refreshing to encounter well-written text coupled with carefully chosen images; more than 50 tables, charts, and graphs; and a glossary of terms. For example, readers will learn how the economy is measured, what motivates businesses, and how governments raise money and will develop an understanding of various types of loans and where to get them, retirement funds, and how to start and grow a business . . . Its practical topics would appeal to high school and college students or anyone interested in learning more about personal finance or setting up a business.”

Library Journal, 2008

“This two-volume text presents clear, accessible descriptions of basic principles of economics.”

Reference & Research Book News, 2008

 "The result is a readable and understandable introduction to economics and allied issues. The book is particularly helpful in relating theoretical and technical topics to everyday life, while maintaining sufficient rigor to convey essential importance and significance."

ARBA, 2008

“The premise is that “economic literacy is essential for functioning in the modern world.” Robert Duvall (National Council on Economic Education), Peter Bell (New York State Council on Economic Education), and Sue Weaver (Foundation for Teaching Economics) served as advisers in selecting topics for inclusion . . . Highly recommended.”

Choice, 2009

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