Thomas Riggs


St. James Guide to Black Artists

St. James Press, 1997
Award: Best Reference Source 1997, Library Journal


“As the mother of our emotions, art integrates itself into our behavior, when we learn through the senses--how to see, touch, and listen. Only then can art be applied to life when judging one another. The closed eyes of my subjects represent a mirror in which to judge oneself. It facilitates the identification with another's life and makes the heart all that it is capable of feeling.”

Ernie Barnes comments on his experience with art

“Ernie Barnes's 1995 autobiographical account of his dual careers in football and art chronicled his unique path in endeavors usually seen as entirely unrelated. He moved from being a successful lineman in professional football in the early 1960s to being a highly accomplished figurative painter. His depictions of athletics and of scenes from daily life add luster to the long tradition of American genre painting, and his portrayals of African American themes specifically have made him one of the best-known contemporary black artists.”

Paul Von Blum on Ernie Barnes

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