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Lots to Admire about Lauren Cerand

Posted by Erin Brown in publishing social media trends on August 6, 2010


This week Publishing Perspectives launches a new series of stories called Publishing People We Admire. The first installment features Lauren Cerand, a self-taught independent publicist in New York City, who helped discover the enormous book-selling power of “The Daily Show,” in addition to anticipating several years ago that “the online community would be the next stage in public engagement, presentation, and dialogue.”

On her website, testimonials about the quality of her work indicate that she is not only a discerning judge of talent but also a refreshing force of positivity and integrity in the industry. In Meredith Bryan’s recent New York Observer article called “My Town of Kind!”—which describes a new era of civility, earnestness, and colleaguiality on the Internet—Cerand is quoted as saying, “that very cynical voice worked really well from 2003-2006 . . . but really negative people, they don’t have a lot of friends.” (And in 2010, as we all know, “friends” = audience.)

According to Publishing Perspectives, Cerand’s main criteria for the projects she chooses is that they be “dynamic, meaningful and relate to the way we live in culture now.” The profile focuses especially on Cerand’s volunteer work with Girls Write Now (GWN), a New York City non-profit that mentors young, at-risk girls by helping them to develop their voices as writers.

I’m looking forward to following this series and learning about other creative, innovative figures on today’s publishing frontier. If you’ve got a hero in publishing, make your nomination today.


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