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My Eyes versus the Apple Tablet and Microsoft’s Courier

posted October 8, 2009

Posted by Thomas Riggs in E-books technology trends

Like many people, I do a lot of reading on my computer these days, and I blame that for my eyes getting worse. Eyes weren’t designed for staring at a bright, backlit screen, and I’m relieved at night to read a novel in paper. That’s why I’m interested in the Kindle, the Sony Reader, the Bebook, and other electronic readers that use a nonilluminated paperlike surface (they also have a battery life of weeks and can be read outdoors).

Still, there is so much talk today of the upcoming Apple Tablet, which, according to rumors, is an oversized Ipod Touch that could be used for many things, including ebooks. Compared with the Kindle, it will be beautiful, seducing buyers with its bright, colorful, illuminated screen.


Apple tablet

Image by Fire_Eyes via Flickr


Unfortunately I’ve talked to my eyes about it, and they have given me a firm response: no, not in this lifetime, not if I don’t want to go blind.

I thought this was the end of the subject, but then I saw this video on Gizmodo of Microsoft’s rumored Courier, a two-paneled tablet that looks like a true electronic book of the future. It looks a little like the upcoming two-paneled Ausus backlit reader but is much more sophisticated.



No one knows for sure if Microsoft is coming out with this product and whether it will read ebooks, but if it did, I would have a hard time resisting the urge to buy one.

If I could get something like this in the nonilluminating E-ink of the Kindle and Sony Reader, I would be totally sold on ebooks.